Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow ,Snow, Snow, oh NO

If you live in New England,  you may be tired of snow. Its great for snowmobilers, tourists, and winter enthusists, however for the healthcare workers, it can be a bad dream, unless you are lucky enoough to be on vacation.

 They say keep an emergency bag in your car for accidents,  well they don't tell you to bring one for work.  I think there should be a class for everyone going into healthcare to inform them of some of the "obstacles" you will face.  First, you will need a class on how to operate fax machines, printers, phones and computers.  Unfortunately, they are all different, so it is just something you will stumble through.  Nowadays, most facilities are computerized, and for us oldies but goodies, this is a challenge.  This technology did not exist in this extent.  I call this generational healthcare.  It can be difficult to all work together, but what a wealth of knowledge combined. 
One of the really important realities however, is the fact your scheduled shift, is only a guideline. After over 15 years in nursing,  it was very rare that I got out early.  It is stressful knowing that if your replacemenet does not show up, guess what?  you are required to wait for a replacement, if there is one?!  Storms are the worst.  Many a night, I have actually spent the night because the help couldn't get in, and we couldn't get out.
Although alot of us, I am sure, would still pursue are career, it is important to be aware.  Most  of us got into healthcare because we want to help people, it definately was not the salary!
We know there are many positive reasons why we chose our careers, and that is another dqys talk.  But for all you healthcare candidates, please take a note of this side you don't really hear about.  Healthcare is a very rewarding career, I wish you success.  As far as the northeast, we have had enough snow,  please just go!

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