Monday, February 7, 2011

Book Review...Anxiety Lie

The Anxiety Lie - another inspiring book from the author of Driving Fear Program and The Panic Puzzle, Rich Presta promises to take you on a journey of self-discovery and self-rejuvenation. Are you one amongst those who are challenged with frequent or occasional anxiety attacks or have seen a dear one trying to stop anxiety and panic attacks in silence?

Rich Presta in his thought-provoking book, The Anxiety Lie Program has adapted to an innovative 'plan' to beat anxiety attacks. This goes beyond the usual pills and medications, magic potions or hypnosis; but to 'Use Knowledge as a Power'. Power to understand your fears that triggers panic attack and all the anxiety lies you have been told or you tell yourself.
Why choose the Anxiety Lie Program
Anxiety is a condition that makes one live constantly under fear of subjugation and occasionally skidding off to a panic mode. Thereafter, you may be facing the challenge of breaking free from the protective wall you or those close to you tend to build around you.
Rich Presta, a crusader and a winner himself attempts to bring you face-to-face with the tribulations of anxiety and panic attacks; your fight within and finally the conquest of your self-belief in overcoming anxiety attacks. His program is a breakthrough anxiety program. It is a process to make you confident of combating the fear of the unknown and beat anxiety attacks.
This book on The Anxiety Lie Program is an honest attempt to get to the root cause of anxiety rather than just coping with the symptom of anxiety attacks. Rich Presta here urges all those suffering from anxiety or panic attack (and even those feigning ignorance about their inherent problem) to realize the TRUTH that has led to this complex condition.
Anxiety Lie - The Inside Story
Rich Presta in his book attempts to make a calculative yet aggressive progression in dealing with anxiety. In the first segment of the book - 'The Lies They Tell You', Rich Presta makes a honest attempt to reveal the psychology of all those who sort of tried to camouflage the 'truth' and tell lies regarding your anxiety attacks and tribulations; considering you as fragile to acceptance and notwithstanding the risk of causing pain or stress.
In the next segment of the book demarcated as 'The Lies You Tell Yourself', the author transfers all responsibilities to beat anxiety attacks on you. Here, the emphasis is, on breaking free from your self proclaimed notion of having overpowered anxiety. It can in other words also be considered a classic case of self-deception and lies in justifying the cover-up of your inherent fears and invulnerability over anxiety and panic attacks.
The closing chapter of the Anxiety Lie program 'The Truth' promises to take you to the next level of overcoming anxiety by discovering 'Yourself' through self discovery, self realization and self rejuvenation.  However, unlike being 'warm and fuzzy', the anxiety lie program unravels the myth and the reality of breaking free from the comfort zone that fiercely guards your inherent fears and propels panic attacks.

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