Thursday, January 20, 2011

Remember When???

When was the last time you actually looked forward going to work?  When was the last time you actually got out of work on time?  Employer demanding you to punch out on time, however the workload is to great, so you skip all your breaks in hopes that you get out somewhat on time, but that never works either.

What about the babysitter?  Late minutes equals late fees.  However the greater fear is warnings about consistent lateness...having to find new sitter if you are unable to be on time.  As if you do not have alot of stress to begin with. 
Once finally at home,  there is always the typical complaint.  Why are you late again?
There really is no answer other than just expect it.  After working in Healthcare for over 15 years, you would hope your family finally "sees the light" of the reality of your career.
There are myths that say Healthcare workers are paid well and lead near perfect lives.  Nowhere near the truth.  It takes a special person to care for others and their families in a holistic approach.  People work in this field because it is what the beleive in, certainly not just for the money.  Weekends, Holidays, on-call rotations,  are all part of the job.  As for the Myth that we live near perfect lives, that is another blog in itself.  Can you relate to any of this?  Please share your experiences,thoughts, and comments.

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