Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Healthcare Burnout?

What's that?  Just about every worker has experienced personally, or have known someone specifically suffering from "Burnout".  Everyone  has their own view of exactly what it means to them.  There is no right or wrong answers....
A bit about myself.  I have worked in many different areas of healthcare over the years.  Beginning as a Home Health Aid,  and working my way up through continuing education,  I obtained my Registered Nurse License along with an Associates degree.  I have personally experienced my own "Burnout" periods over the years.  My goal for this blog is research,  education,  care mapping,  and interventions to prevent or decrease "Burnout.  Of course laughter is the best medicine,  so they say.  Lets start this journey together,  and share our experiences,  learn from each other...


  1. What a great, unique idea! I'm sure all of us have experienced burnout in our life, in the healthcare field or out of it!

  2. Yes, definately...everyone is a candidate. Stay tooned as we learn some stress reduction ideas!

  3. New to the blog but dealing with the burnout and other stressorsin life. Hard to find someone to understand the amout of empathy that goes into being a healthcare provider. Some where I've lost myself in taking care of others.

  4. BTW
    Angelur pic looks very relaxing.