Saturday, January 29, 2011

Four Minutes of Peace

Most of us are aware of what we should do to deal with stress and emotions.  We teach are patients everyday, but it is next to impossible sometimes to follow our own teachings.  We have lots of excuses, some reasonable, however the biggest obstacle is time.  What if in just four minutes, you could refresh your mind and have a little peace?

 Well, you can.  Mindfulness, a form of meditation, can be done anywhere, anytime.  It is centering, bringing yourself into the now, that exact moment.  You can experience this even with only a minute or two.  Do you ever eat candy at work?  Well, here is another suggestion. Instead of chewing a piece of chocolate, let it dissolve in your mouth, fully enjoying the taste, and just being in the now.  It is a quick refresh.  It works with all the senses.  Calming sounds, sweet scents, pleasant views, tastes, and textures.  Give it a try.  Have an open mind and give yourself a moment of peace. After all, we deserve it!  Have other suggestions?! Let us know.


  1. I like lighting candles, I find it helps me relax. Lighting a candle during dinner or while taking a bath or even when watching TV tends to set the stage for relaxation.

  2. I like scented candles. Sometimes I will put a new one in my work bag and take a wiff when I get stressed.